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Pear Tarts … not everyone likes pie!

Hello Friends, It is a busy and exciting time around here. I have my first book signing in a few days and two more in early December. It is fun planning the menus and I can’t wait to talk to everyone about food! We are now through the first full week of November. I don’t… Continue reading Pear Tarts … not everyone likes pie!

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Cassoulet: Comfort Food Nirvana

Cassoulet is a warm and comforting French dish that is packed with protein; a variety of meats served on top of a delicious concoction of white beans. The first time I ever had it was at my favorite restaurant in St. Louis, Brasserie. I don’t know what made me order it because I’m not a… Continue reading Cassoulet: Comfort Food Nirvana

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Loaded Potato Soup: The Soup Month Finale

Have you seen the movie Splash? Do you remember Eugene Levy’s character, Dr. Kornbluth? He had a little catchphrase, “What a week I’m having!” That is how I have been feeling. Nothing is wrong, everything is just a little off… We came home from a great vacation then the very next day I got sick.… Continue reading Loaded Potato Soup: The Soup Month Finale