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Elevated Eggs Benedict

I made a beef tenderloin over the weekend.  I always buy extra so we can have leftovers but, we always eat more than we should so the leftovers were minimal.  Luckily, I did have enough to make my favorite version of Eggs Benedict for dinner the next night for my husband and myself.  I didn’t have… Continue reading Elevated Eggs Benedict

Breakfast & Brunch · Recipes

Waffles for breakfast… or whenever

Aren’t waffles, real waffles, the greatest treat!  I mean, I will pop an Eggo on a school morning or make a quick “breakfast stack” with a frozen waffle (more on that another time).  But real waffles out of a waffle iron are special.  Definitely one of the best parts of a brunch and without a doubt the… Continue reading Waffles for breakfast… or whenever