New Carpet: The Bane Of My Existence

It’s been a week.  Not a terrible week by any means but a frustrating week.  Actually it’s been a few frustrating weeks… and it is all due to new carpeting.  The new house is mostly wood floors or tile.  There was carpet in a few select areas.  We knew we were replacing that carpet before… Continue reading New Carpet: The Bane Of My Existence

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High Hopes… Fail… Old Standby

It’s 7 million degrees in STL this week.  Especially today and tomorrow.  I was all excited for this new no-cook dinner idea I had.  Felt like a little bolt of lightening struck my brain.  No-Cook Skewers! Oh, I was so excited.  I thought of all the different combinations I could make based on other flavor… Continue reading High Hopes… Fail… Old Standby


Internal Temperature Guideline

Hello everyone! We are definitely into grilling season now. Here is a quick reference guide to remember what the “safe” internal temperatures are for grilling meat.  A printable version is at the bottom of this post. Remember, pull your meat off the grill (or out of the oven) at these temperatures.  Then, let your meat… Continue reading Internal Temperature Guideline