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Always Stick To The List! (almost always)

I would always advise you to go to the grocery store full and with a list. If you don’t you always end up buying things you don’t need and/or things that sound good at that exact moment (but almost never the next day). Sale items are also a weak spot for me. For example, if… Continue reading Always Stick To The List! (almost always)

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Ever Have A Kid That Won’t Eat?

A couple things have been happening around here. I have a daughter who is suddenly scared of choking and therefore, won’t eat. It is very odd to me (completely irrational) but apparently we are not the first parents to go through this. This same daughter is VERY attached to her stuffed animal, Bunny. Poor Bunny… Continue reading Ever Have A Kid That Won’t Eat?

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Mediterranean Roll-Up

The Steelers are playing again on Sunday, whoop whoop!  We are planning to have friends over and gorge on snacks and comfort foods.  I can’t wait! As I have mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and again.  Balance is the key.  To balance out the clam chowder and some form… Continue reading Mediterranean Roll-Up