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Open-Faced Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

This is one of my favorite ways to use up Thanksgiving leftovers!  It’s not really a recipe; just more putting things together. You will see lots of mushrooms in my photos. I make a mushroom gravy. You use your leftovers just as they are. This is meant to be easy and delicious! To warm my… Continue reading Open-Faced Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

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Easy Beef & Broccoli: Leftover Italian To Chinese In A Flash

As you might remember, about a month ago I hosted an Italian themed meal for some family and friends.  Even though no one went away hungry there were a lot of leftovers; both prepared dishes and individual ingredients.  It’s easy to consume the prepared dishes, right? Just reheat and eat. But, I needed to find… Continue reading Easy Beef & Broccoli: Leftover Italian To Chinese In A Flash

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What To Do With Leftover Easter Ham

I have a love affair with ham.  My husband doesn’t understand it but it’s real and it’s deep.  It’s ingrained through my mom’s side of the family.  A phrase my cousin, sister and I are always saying (in our mother’s voices), “We got ham!” It used to be to make fun of them but now… Continue reading What To Do With Leftover Easter Ham

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Tales of the Cookbook III

Sorry I didn’t post anything last week but I have been cooking.  Cooking like crazy.  Cooking up a storm.  Cooking like there’s no tomorrow.  You get the point. It’s funny what happens when you start cooking for a purpose other than just for your family’s enjoyment.  In this cookbook writing process there are a lot… Continue reading Tales of the Cookbook III