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Pimm’s: The Perfect Summer Cocktail

I seem to read a lot of books that take place in Great Britain, specifically London.  I’m pretty sure it was one of the Bridget Jones books that introduced me to Pimm’s.  Now, if you know Bridget, you know she is not very discriminatory in her beverages.  She pretty much likes them all.  But, since… Continue reading Pimm’s: The Perfect Summer Cocktail

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Do You Have A Cold Too?

Someone in this house has been sick since Saturday, December 17th.  Not seriously ill or with anything horrible like stomach flu… but a cold, a  24 hour fever, a cough, something …for nearly a month.  I wasn’t sick for the first 3 weeks and I was becoming a little arrogant.  So of course, within the next… Continue reading Do You Have A Cold Too?

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An Intro to French Burgundy

The French are very serious about their wine.  From what I understand, each region has different rules/laws by which it is governed.  Today I will try and give you a very basic introduction to the Burgundy region of France, or Bourgogne.   We took a fantastic 1 day tour with Burgundy Discovery.  We had delicious… Continue reading An Intro to French Burgundy