Thanksgiving Leftovers Repost

I hope everyone is full!  Even though I’m writing this on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, I’m assuming I’m still full and probably eating more mashed potatoes right now.  I posted this a couple years ago but it is still good advice!  CLICK HERE for some ideas about how to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers!  … Continue reading Thanksgiving Leftovers Repost

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Creamy Baked Brussels Sprouts: Instagram Recipe #5

I know I was going to only do one month of Instagram recipes but there were more I wanted to try.  Plus, since first posting about the ridiculous amount of recipes I’ve saved on Instagram, I’ve saved an additional 13 recipes.  It’s a real problem. Creamy Baked Brussel Sprouts from @thenovicechef is the fifth Instagram… Continue reading Creamy Baked Brussels Sprouts: Instagram Recipe #5