A Winter Break Summary: Blog Recipes to the Rescue!

Well, the holidays are over and we have all somehow survived despite several bouts of vomiting, some slight fevers, general ickiness and freezing cold weather.  So cold, we couldn’t have left the house even if we had been healthy enough to do so.  If I went into more detail it would sound awful but it… Continue reading A Winter Break Summary: Blog Recipes to the Rescue!


The Great American Baking Show = Cookie Mayhem

The Great American Baking Show premiers in 6 days!!!! I absolutely cannot wait! I love both the British and American versions but as I am American… you get it. This year has new hosts (we’ll see how I feel about that) and Paul Hollywood is a judge. I will miss Mary Berry but I am… Continue reading The Great American Baking Show = Cookie Mayhem

Recipes · Sandwiches

Open-Faced Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

This is one of my favorite ways to use up Thanksgiving leftovers!  It’s not really a recipe; just more putting things together. You will see lots of mushrooms in my photos. I make a mushroom gravy. You use your leftovers just as they are. This is meant to be easy and delicious! To warm my… Continue reading Open-Faced Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

Recipes · Salads, Sides & Sauces

Easy Green Bean Casserole

When you are having everyone over for a barbecue or say… Thanksgiving dinner, there is always A LOT going on. Clean the house, set the table, buy ice, make yourself (and your children) look somewhat presentable, over-stock the wine and, of course, make the food. It is nice to have one simple dish that won’t cause… Continue reading Easy Green Bean Casserole