I’m Melting


I have been home alone this week.  Except for all the people working on the renovation, so not home alone at all.

I have been without husband and children this week.  It’s too hot to think, or cook, or type.  That means it is time for Summer Toasts!

I’ve had a toast for most meals the last couple of days.  Burrata & Nectarine for breakfast.  Then I had a second piece of that with some prosciutto added. Goat Cheese, Tomato, Olive Oil & Parsley for lunch.  Bag of Caesar salad for dinner with a prosciutto and butter sandwich.

For lunch today (Thursday) I did cheat and use the broiler.  But only for a little bit and it was soooooo  worth it.  My current favorite toast:  bacon, cheddar and apples.  I toasted the bread then crumbled the bacon on it.  I had the cheddar cheese “cracker cuts.”  This is the first time I ever bought them and they are THICK.  So I added some cheddar cracker cuts on top of the bacon and threw it in the broiler for a few minutes.  Topped with some thinly sliced apples… Heaven!

p.s.  the amount of apples on the right was better in my opinion.  The left had too many and they started to slide.

Also, I used to make my own bread for these toasts.  But ALDI has THE BEST new bread.  At least it’s new at my ALDI.  I highly recommend you pick some up.  Take your toast to the next level!  I’ve eaten half the loaf already this week so this is the best pic you’re going to get.  Go buy as many as you can and throw them in your freezer.

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Stay cool!

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