A Historic Year: In Photos

It was this exact Friday one year ago.  I went to pick up my kids from school on Friday, March 13, 2020.  Their Spring Break was starting as soon as school let out that day.  And their backpacks were FULL.  The teachers had them bring everything home “just in case.”  Well, you know how that story ends.

Everything started shutting down.  My sister’s kid’s Spring Break (in Colorado) was changed to 2 weeks long before their Spring Break even started.  My friend’s kid’s Spring Break (in Ohio) started a week early and was to last for something like 3 weeks from the onset!  My husband went to work on Monday and Tuesday (the 16th & 17th) and he has been home ever since.

We all have different markings where we know a year has gone by during “normal” times.  The most obvious is New Year’s.  But, maybe for you it’s your birthday.  When I was younger, my year was a school year.  Until at least 3 years after I graduated from college, September was the new year to me.  But this is a year everyone in the United States marks together.  So, instead of rehashing everything with more words below is a year in review via photos.  Way too many photos.  These are all random, just things that I have on my phone (photos or screen shots) which were never intended to document such an important year in our history.  But here it is and I hope next year is much less monumentous.  Happy Weekend!

6 thoughts on “A Historic Year: In Photos

  1. A lot of memories for sure. My wish is everyone to stay as nice as in the beginning. People were smiling, mindful and friendly. Cheers to everyone – in the world!

  2. Love all of these pictures. I can say we have some of the same! So happy things are looking up. Your new puppy is adorable…what kind is he/she?

    1. Thank you! He is a Mini Irish Goldendoodle; basically an expensive mutt.
      I’m glad things are looking up too!

  3. Fabulous photo journey of this past year in your lives.
    Loved every picture and all the smiles. Thanks for brightening up our day ❤️

  4. Thank you, Emily, for sharing your year in pictures with us! I couldn’t pick out a favorite….they were/are all awesome…..happy, kind, funny, true, real life comings/goings of one helluva great family!

    1. Thank you!!! They were fun reminders… like the time A planned to run away

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