Covid Update

It was bound to happen eventually.  It is a virus after all.  Yes, covid has hit our house.  My daughter A and I tested positive.  E and my husband tested negative.  The last 9 days have been a journey.

Luckily, A and I have very mild cases.  She had basically nothing the entire time.  I had about 4 symptoms; all at different times and nothing major.  It all started with a cough.  A cough I would have completely ignored in regular times but alas, these are not regular times.  So I got tested just to be on the safe side.  To be a responsible citizen.  You could have picked my jaw up off the floor when the doctor came in and said I had tested positive.  I felt fine.  No fever.  Just a little cough.  “Are you sure?” Yes.  “Could it be a false positive?” We don’t really get those.  A false negative would be more common.  “Huh.”

Then came all the rules.  Isolation for me for 10 days and the family has to quarantine for 14 days.  If I live amongst my family during my isolation, they have to quarantine for an additional 14 days after my 10 days end.  24 days!  WHAT?!?!!!

So, we got everyone tested to see where we stood.  As you know, 2 of us positive, 2 of us negative.  I have lived in the basement since Saturday, February 20th.  A has been in the basement with me or in her room for that entire time.  We will emerge on March 3rd!  And in separating in this way, by truly “isolating,” Husband and E get out of quarantine on Saturday (14 days instead of 24).

A took to isolation like a fish to water.  She loved not having any responsibility and being waited on hand and foot.  She just kept saying, “This is so nice.” We would sit on the basement couch with masks on while the “healthy” members our our household brought down our meals (while wearing their masks).  She and I would eat at the little table they got for their 2nd birthday.  We would put on masks and go back to the couch while our dishes would be cleared.

The Dining Room

We couldn’t take the dog out on walks or take him to go to the bathroom.  The dog got an ear infection and needed medicine in his ears.  Medicine he hated getting.  “See mom, this is working out perfectly.”  She was so happy not to help with any of it.  She was so happy to just lay on the couch (or in my bed) and play on devices and watch TV.  That being said, her whole class had to be quarantined so luckily she did have virtual school during the weekdays (sorry to all the other kids in the class for causing your 3rd quarantine this school year).  But, the weekends were just a blob fest and she loved it.

I am lazy by nature (A comes by it honestly) but I do not love being in isolation, in the basement, for a week and a half.  Being forced to do nothing is very different than choosing to do nothing.  Especially when you don’t even have a window.  It is hard to remember you can make other people sick when you don’t feel sick at all.  That even though I don’t feel bad I could do real, significant damage to someone else.  So I’m staying in this basement!  Although it is difficult, I know it could be so much worse.  I am beyond grateful that we are healthy and were not hit hard like so many others have been.

I am very grateful to our family and community.  Everyone reached out and was willing to help way more than I would have anticipated; way more than was necessary.  After the news started to spread, multiple people asked what they could do to help.  Some of those people live hours and/or states away.  My best friend in Ohio emailed us an Imo’s gift card.  My mom dropped groceries at our house any time I asked.  Aunt Joy dropped off blueberry biscuit bread (pg. 27 in your cookbook).  My sister sent the cutest plant and an Amazon Prime food delivery with everything we needed for an easy and delicious meal: soup, grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, salad and cupcakes.

Throughout isolation I got texts from at least 4 different people saying, “I’m on my way to the store.  Do you guys need anything?”  We ordered dinner from a restaurant; our good friend picked it up for us then dropped it on our doorstep.  School families brought work home from the teachers.  Teachers dropped things at our door.  The school nurse called and gave us her cell phone number so we could call with any questions.  I am truly, overwhelmingly touched by everyone’s outreach and kindness.  Thank you all so very much!

Then, that same Ohio girl sent me these cookies yesterday…

How did she even find them? I don’t know.  But they are the best, most hilarious thing ever!  Thank you and I love you.

And a huge thank you to E and my husband.  You two have been rock stars and taken such great, loving care of us.  I mean, look at this dinner Husband made the first Sunday we were in isolation.  I had already planned our Sunday dinner and had everything at home.  He had to make it or it would go bad.  Between the cookbook and a few FaceTime calls, he hit it out of the park! I miss you so much and can’t wait to hug you!

A and I are recovered and have immunity for 90 days.  I’ve had some free time so I counted.  That takes me right to my birthday!  The universe is funny.

Wishing you all a happy, safe and healthy March!


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  1. This is priceless and yes, you were more fortunate than most. Good health is everything!

  2. So glad you and A are doing well and almost done with your confinement. I wish we could have helped out. Bet the girls will be glad to get back to school….
    A could get used to being waited on! Ha!

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