February Favorite’s Finale!!!

Hello all! As the title of the post suggests, I’m going to share my favorite grocery shopping items from other places.  We have already discussed Aldi and Trader Joe’s.  This post is for basically everything else.


Dierbergs is my local grocery store.  It would compare to your Safeway, Kroger, Publix, etc…  The #1 reason I go to Dierbergs is for lunch meat!  I am not one to purchase prepackaged lunch meat.  I want it fresh from the deli.  So, even if I get everything else at Aldi, I will always need to stop at Dierbergs for lunch meat.

The #1.5 reason I go to Dierbergs is for name brands I can’t live without.  There are certain name brands I am loyal to and nothing else will do.  My Tim Horton’s Decaf Coffee K-cups; I can’t find them anywhere but Dierbergs.  Log Cabin Syrup- you all can have your “real” maple syrup but to me it’s Log Cabin or die.  Gold Medal Unbleached Flour- when I got serious about baking I tried to switch to another brand that “bakers” use.  My stuff didn’t taste as good so I went back to my good old Gold Medal.  I also need my Baker’s Unsweetened chocolate bars or I can’t make Black Cake (pg. 128 in your cookbook).  Name brand condiments, cereals, Bob’s Red Mill polenta… There are just certain brands I can’t live without.

Reasons #2 and #3 I go to Dierbergs are for selection and convenience.  If I need an artichoke, one leek, 2 pieces of bacon… these are things you have to shop for at your “regular” grocery store.  A huge produce section, deli counter, meat counter, seafood counter, bakery, all the choices you could ever need and you only have to buy as much as you need.  As for convenience, I pass two Dierbergs on my way to Aldi and Trader Joe’s.  Dierbergs is for everyday shopping as well as the quick run because you forgot something.

Sam’s Club

The #1 reason I go to Sam’s is for alcohol; huge selection at great prices.  I love it.

The #2 reason I go to Sam’s is for chips.  All chips should be sold in “party size” bags and at Sam’s they are.  Fritos (my favorite), Doritos, Stacey’s Pita Chips (the only pita chip I like), popcorn, etc. The savings are worth the extra trip for me.  Sam’s is closer to me than Costco, that’s why I’m a Sam’s girl.  Location, location, location.

I go to Sam’s for many other things, especially if I’m having a party.  But these are things I will buy all the time that don’t necessarily have to be bulk purchases.


The #1 reason I go to Viviano’s is for my Italian necessities: San Marzano tomatoes, salsiccia, any type of pasta I could ever want and Italian canned tuna.   It used to be the only place I could find my flavored Pellegrino’s but now you can find them everywhere.  I love my trips to The Hill for these essentials, they make me so happy.

Alright, that is most of my shopping in a nutshell.  I hope you have enjoyed these grocery shopping posts and they have given you some ideas.  I have LOVED hearing about the things you buy that I now need to try.

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