Happy May!

Hey Guys,

I would like to start by thanking all of you for your comments on my post last week.  Whether it was a comment on the blog, a text, Instagram, etc.  I heard from a lot of you saying you were feeling the same way.  It feels great to know we are going through this together.  I continued to follow my own advice and had a much better week this week.  I hope you did too.

It’s May!  Did you know that?  I thought I would mention it just in case you have lost track of the calendar.  It takes me about 5 minutes each morning to figure out which day of the week it is.  And forget about the date…. it doesn’t really matter so I don’t even try to figure it out.  But since this is a blog day I know it is May 1st.

Well,  I don’t know about you, but May is usually a pretty exciting month around here.

First things first, May 2nd should have been the Kentucky Derby.  Clearly, because of coronavirus we will not be watching the Kentucky Derby tomorrow.  But, we are going to watch Seabiscuit.  Have you ever watched Seabiscuit?  If yes, you know this is a fabulous movie and you are now excited to watch it tomorrow too.  If no, you should really treat yourself tomorrow.  It is not about the Kentucky Derby but it is about a race horse so it counts.  You can even wear a fun hat if you want and drink a mint julep.img_7888

On Tuesday, May 5th, we were supposed to be headed to the beach.  This was going to be a fabulous vacation to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. We were going with my mom, brother, sister and her whole family.  We were headed to Seaside, FL (one of our favorite places) and it would be the first time any of them would have been there.  We couldn’t wait to share our happy place with them and celebrate my beautiful mother.  Instead, I think me, my sister, brother and mom will all have a toast on Tuesday over FaceTime.  I’m planning on having Vacation in a Glass because it tastes like a beach vacation.


Tuesday May 5th is also Cinco de Mayo.  Being someone who loves to cook, I love when a theme is already picked out for me.  Try any of the following:

Burrito Casserole
Bean & Cheese Enchiladas
Pork Carnitas
Beef Fajitas/Tacos

You can easily turn bean & cheese enchiladas into chicken enchiladas if you want.  And those last two recipes I LOVE.  I have been meaning to do blog posts about each of them but haven’t gotten around to it so I’m just going to share the original recipes.  I think we can all agree that we should drink some Corona beers on Tuesday.  Just for the comedic value if nothing else.

Of course Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day.  Now that I have my own kids I’m very selfish about Mother’s Day… it’s MY day.  And it will be my day until my kids have their kids, then I will pass the torch.

I have had to slowly manipulate Mother’s Day over the years.  My girls are always so sweet and want to surprise me with breakfast in bed.  I hate breakfast in bed.  First you are waking me up early. Don’t. It’s Mother’s Day and it is one of the 2 days a year I get to sleep as late as I want.  Then you put this tray of cold eggs in front of me and I have to act excited.  I’m not.  I don’t like eating when I first wake up and I definitely don’t like cold eggs.  Plus, our mattress is really for sleeping, not sitting up and eating (too squishy).

Present day- everyone knows that I get to sleep in and if I am going to want anything at all when I first wake up it is hot chocolate and a croissant.  That’s it, nothing else.  Go buy it at a store so I don’t have to clean up the dishes from my “treat” afterwards.  Everyone is now happily on board with this plan!

I am excited for Mother’s Day because my girls get so excited to make “the perfect day” and it is really sweet.  A has been asking for the last few weeks what my “perfect day” is and I know that is why.  No matter how much I complain, I love these two more than words can express so I’m not even going to try.img_3630

My birthday is also in May.  That is the other day of the year I get to sleep in.  Woo Hoo!  And I will have too much cake because it’s my birthday and cake is my favorite thing in the world.IMG_5689

This year May will have another extra treat, school will be over!  When my kids are going to school like normal, I’m not too excited about this.  But, when school is at home and stressing people out, I can’t wait for it to be over!

Even though we are still at home being safe, we need some things to look forward to.  If you don’t have them pop up naturally (like a birthday), create one.  Have a super fancy dinner night at home or plan a pajama day.  What are you looking forward to in May?

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.


4 thoughts on “Happy May!

  1. I love this blog, love the photos, the fascinators, seeing beautiful you and granddaughters and the heart felt wishes for my “postponed” birthday celebration. But…most of all I love you for being the lovely young woman and mother you have become. I admire you and the job you do. Happy Mother’s Day to you (and Angie) and all the mothers who have blessed our world. And yes, Kentucky Derby will be celebrated in another fashion!

    1. I figured the fascinators tied into the Derby too. You’re the best, love you!

  2. I’m looking forward to making your black cake recipe for my daughter’s 6th birthday! Happy birthday to our favorite chef!

    1. Yay! You are all in for a treat. Happy 6th Birthday sweet girl!!!

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