Are You Ready For Some Football

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Who is excited for the big game this weekend? This year I really don’t care for either team playing. I guess I will find myself rooting for one team as the game goes on. It will probably be the Chiefs since they are a Missouri team. But it just feels wrong to root for the Chiefs. I might root for the 49ers because of Jerry Rice and I think Richard Sherman seems like a good guy. But it just feels wrong to root for the 49ers. Something I have no confusion on: the food. I am definitely excited about the food!

Did you know that in the back of my cookbook I have Menu Options? I do. It’s on page 138. And guess what one suggestion is… yes, a football party.


And this, my friends, is what we are having this weekend!  To be honest, I’m not making the chili.  I’m making Clam Chowder (p. 37) this weekend and so I’m assuming we will have some of that leftover.  I’m making a giant batch of my Buffalo Chicken Dip because it is always a huge hit and I’m forcing my girls to make the Brookies all by themselves.  I bought my avocados early so they will be nice and ripe by game day.  I just can’t wait for all the snacks!  I want every chip and every dip available to me.  Ahhhhh…

Who are you planning to root for this weekend?  More importantly, what are you going to eat?

3 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football

  1. Menu looks scrumptious so I will probably join you (even if menu wasn’t enticing. I agree – it is always a good time to gather and feast no matter who you want to win. It is the Chiefs for me.

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