Oscar Season

Sing it with me…. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To be honest back-to-school is the most wonderful time of the year. But the Oscars are a very close second.

The awards season is a major to do in our family. Everyone has their way of celebrating. Aunt Marjorie throws her infamous Oscar Party for all the aunts (so loud). I sit secluded in my house (don’t anyone talk to me; I want silence) surrounded by Chinese food with a bottle of Cakebread chardonnay at the ready. My cousins and I text from all across the country judging everyone’s dress, hair and make-up choices. It’s so fun!

I will admit that since I became a mother my Oscar preparation has been essentially nonexistent. For a few years I had only seen one or two of the animated movies and MAYBE one other. In addition, so many nominated movies just didn’t excite me. Like they were only nominated because they were weird and no one could understand them. Or they were just super depressing. Then they had to be nominated so people could pretend they were so smart and artistic that they understood the movie and the rest of us are idiots for not seeing its genius. I’m looking at you Roma, Birdman, The Wrestler and There Will Be Blood. All horrible.

But this year I’m feeling more hopeful. There are several movies I actually want to see. Of course I’m all about every version of Little Women I can get my hands on! I still prefer the ‘94 Winona Ryder version but I thoroughly enjoyed Greta Gerwig’s recent adaptation!

I can’t wait to see 1917, Marriage Story and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. I wanted to see these movies BEFORE they were nominated; that is the difference for me this year. There are a couple I will try to squeeze in though because they are nominated. Parasite is one, Bombshell hopefully and Ford vs. Ferrari if I can fit it in.

I did just see Jojo Rabbit and I LOVED it!!! I know it isn’t a movie for everyone but I seriously loved it and would highly recommend it if you like things that are a little different. Not Roma and The Shape of Water different; I mean Jojo makes sense- just a unique way to tell a story.

For years I’ve been wanting to do a “Countdown to Oscar” theme month and make recipes from movies. Clearly it’s not happening this year. I already know what I want to make too. Oh well, maybe next year. Fingers crossed.

Are there any movies you are going to try to see? What about some of your favorites from the last few years? What about your least favorites? I can talk about books or movies forever so I better stop now. Have a great weekend and go see Jojo Rabbit!

2 thoughts on “Oscar Season

  1. Enjoyed reading this so much Emily! Years ago, your mom and all of us girls went to see all of the movies that were nominated for best picture. It was so fun and made such a difference when the Oscars came on. I would say that’s when the Oscar infatuation started. Was happy to be part of that great memory. Glad to see it carried on with you guys!

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