Welcome Lent, Farewell Starbucks

Happy Ash Wednesday all!  If you have followed me long enough, you know that although I am not by any means a devout Catholic, I do practice Lent.  We don’t eat meat on Ash Wednesday or Fridays and I try to make some sort of positive change for 40 days.  Sometimes it is giving something up, sometimes it is adding something to better myself.

This year my #1 goal for Lent is to give up Starbucks purchases.  These are specifically purchases while I am out and about running errands.  I’m not giving up coffee.  I’m giving up $6 coffees.  That being said, if someone wants to bring me one, I will accept.  But I’m not paying for it.  Here is a picture from yesterday, my swan song.  Farewell perfectly concocted decaf hazelnut latte.  Until we meet again.

I am also going to try to make a few positive changes.  I’m going to drink way less wine.  Not zero wine… I mean the Oscars are on March 12th.  And before my mom comments that March 12th is a Sunday so I don’t have to sacrifice on Sundays…  I am of the belief if I am giving something up, I’m giving something up.  That is why I’m not “giving up” drinking.  I’m significantly reducing it.  I had this mini bottle last night to say goodbye.

I’m also just going to try to make healthier choices and habits.  Have an apple with my sandwich instead of chips.  Some form of exercise each day even if it isn’t strenuous.  Small changes that will hopefully form habits over the next 40 days.

That being said, I made my own coffee at home today.  And I made a caffeinated coffee.  I don’t do caffeine.  I mean, I can drink a coke or something but caffeinated coffee is like a major stimulant for me.  I can’t imagine what real drugs would be like because regular coffee makes me pretty crazy.  So this blog is short because even though I just took a 3 mile walk, my body is basically buzzing with all the things I am realizing I need to do.  Hang stuff on the walls, go buy hooks so I can hang said stuff on the walls, laundry, clean the house, exercise more since I have too much energy.  The most likely scenario:  I will just bounce in this chair thinking about everything I could do but not do anything on my list.  But I’m guessing something will get rearranged at the very least.  Maybe I should color code all the books in my library?  That sounds fun!

Whether you are Catholic or not, I’m a firm believer that any sacrifice or positive change is good discipline.  Plus, you get to feel smug if you accomplish your end goal.  You know,  just like Jesus wanted us to feel.  Personally, I do better when I have it forced on me… like Lent.  I don’t usually do as well when I just tell myself to do it.  What about you?  Are you good at self-discipline or do you need a push too?  Are you going to make any changes this Lent?

Ok, for real, that is all.  I have to go decorate for Easter now.

Happy Lent!

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  1. Hello. This is your Mom. I love the postiveness of your message doing good and taking positive steps. Agree, when a challenge in front of you it is easier to make/reach a goal. However, Sunday is a day of rest, even during lent. It is written. Good plan Emily.

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