Super Bowl Greatest Hits

Are you ready for some football?  As they have been showing the commercials early (HUGE mistake) and I am not really a fan of either team, all I have left to look forward to are the snacks.  And the national anthem (I don’t know who’s singing) and the half time show (I hope Rihanna sings Stay but it’s not very sporty).  Let’s face it… the snacks are usually my favorite part.  Unless the Steelers are playing… or the Bears.  Anywho, this year, it’s the snacks.

12 Years Ago

Since the kids have been in school we haven’t really done anything for Super Bowl.  It is on too late and they have school the next day.  Although I miss the craziness of a Super Bowl party, it is also nice just being at home.  This year, I asked each family  member what they wanted for their Super Bowl snack.  It goes as follows:

E-  Prosciutto, prosciutto, pears and more prosciutto

Husband- Salami, boursin cheese, the “good” crackers and some nuts

A- Baked Brie and pigs in a blanket

Me- Guacamole

So, pretty much everything desired is just The Big Platter.  Bonus, I have pretty much everything here already.  Done!  The outliers are obviously the Pigs In A Blanket and the Guacamole.  I realize they don’t really all go together but I’m ok with that.  What is Super Bowl without a little bit of a stomach ache?

I already posted a pigs in a blanket recipe a few years ago.  This is a good recipe.  If you really want to “wow” them, use puff pastry instead.  To die for!  But more flakey so a little messier.

Guacamole is in your cookbook on page 64.  I’m going to swim in a bowl of it on Sunday.

Other great options for Sunday:

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Hot Fat

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Boursin Ball (page 61)

Pastrami Ball (page 65)

Chili (page 36)

Clam Chowder (page 37)

Loaded Potato Soup

A GIANT sandwich!

You can make it (like the roast beef sandwich on page 54) or buy one at the store.

I could go on and on about snack options but I’ll let you go prep instead.  And I guess Go Chiefs?  I don’t know, Philly fans are crazy… except for you Kevin.  You are the only nice one.

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