New Carpet: The Bane Of My Existence

It’s been a week.  Not a terrible week by any means but a frustrating week.  Actually it’s been a few frustrating weeks… and it is all due to new carpeting.  The new house is mostly wood floors or tile.  There was carpet in a few select areas.  We knew we were replacing that carpet before we ever moved into this house.

So we ordered new carpet.  I could go through all the details of both areas and the frustrations they each caused but I really don’t want to relive it all.  So let’s just skip ahead to the new carpet that was (finally) being installed this week.  It is only going in a little hallway upstairs and the room that will become the office.  I NEED this space to be the office.  Husband’s office is in our bedroom and I’m not enjoying that so much.  I’m done with that.

Anywho, they came to install the carpet.  They did an AMAZING install job.  I can’t say enough about the install guys at Marc’s Flooring.  However, after waiting and waiting for the carpet to go in… it wasn’t dyed properly.  Even though it was one roll of carpet it was uneven.  I have ombre carpet.  I was so exhausted with carpet drama I was ready to just live with it but we didn’t.  We paid for carpet of the same color, we want carpet of the same color.  But the poor guys from Marc’s had to install the messed up carpet anyway so we weren’t left with tack strip and padding.  And then it will all be ripped out again for the next batch of carpet… after that arrives… and we get on the install schedule.  Please send me good vibes the new carpet will all be one color.  I never knew that would be such a big ask.

Here are some pics of the messed up carpet. First, the seam at the door is different.  But I truly didn’t care at that point.  I could have lived with that. But the hombre… that was too much to let go.  No, that is not a vacuum line making the carpet look darker.  Notice that close to the radiator it is the correct color.  It just darkens all on its own.  Fascinating.

Let me just say that, although they have been very helpful sorting everything out,  I don’t need to go to Lowe’s for a long, long time.

My Home Away From Home

In other news, A spilled mayo on her chair and made an oil stain.  My first attempt to get it out with oxi clean just made it worse.  Then I went to dawn and baking soda.  It worked.  But it worked too well.  Now her chair is really clean where the oil stain was and the rest of it looks filthy.  Oh well,  we will just make sure her chair is always pushed in.  Another pipe dream.

I have been cooking a bit more though.  So that always makes me feel better.  I made some pumpkin gingerbread for friends and kept a mini loaf for us.  If you haven’t made the pumpkin gingerbread… it might be my favorite recipe on here.  It’s amazing.

We have had beautiful weather the last week or so.  Too windy but nice temps.  It puts you in the mood for spring.  So we had grilled salsiccia and tri color orzo salad.  We haven’t had either for a while so it was a treat!  And they go so good together!

Because I was making the orzo pasta salad I bought basil at Trader Joe’s.  So much comes in that package!  I’m prepping what I didn’t use and getting ready for summer.  Hopefully all of these will start to grow little roots and I will have plenty of basil to plant when the time is right.

It’s awful weather today.  I’m thinking grilled cheese dippers and tomato soup tonight. The soup is also from Trader Joe’s. Just something warm and cozy.  Plus, since it is Lent we aren’t eating meat on Fridays so it fits the bill.

Speaking of Lent, I haven’t bought a single Starbucks.  I’m so proud of myself.  I realize I have five more weeks to go, but still.  It’s an accomplishment.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

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  1. Omg I’m dying at the carpet color commentary, too funny! Persevere, it’s gonna be great in the end. :)

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