Meal Planning

Last year was a mess.  This year is a mess.  We need to take control in the little places we can.  Meal planning is a great way to do that.

I never used to be much of a meal planner because I am very fortunate to be able to plan that day; I don’t really have to plan in advance.  I work from home and my kids are not athletic so I’m not always dropping them off at different activities on school nights.  It pains my husband and I but, I won’t dive into that sob story right now.

Even though I don’t have to meal plan I did last year because… 2020.  It was a HUGE help!  Everyone knew what was happening.  We didn’t deal with all the “I don’t like that!” conversations.  Less food waste.  Easier grocery shopping.  I feel like it actually made me more creative in the kitchen.  Just SO MANY BENEFITS!!!

We got away from it over the summer.  We were definitely more fly by the seat of our pants.  But, when school started we needed more structure.  I absolutely could have stayed with last years meal plan but things have changed:

  1.  My kids are in school this year!!! From the very start of the year!!! 5 days a week!!!  I couldn’t have said any of that last year.
  2. They eat lunch at like 10:30 or something crazy early.  They are starving when they get home so snack is a much bigger deal.
  3. I’m hoping they will be in school all year and we won’t really need the “lunch” menu but I’m glad I have it just in case
  4. We (I) just needed to switch it up.

Here is our new 2021 menu:


For a printable version click on this Vannoni School Week Menu 2021

You may not like anything on our menu so I made a blank one you can fill out on your own:

For a printable version click on this Blank School Week Menu 2021

Please remember there is plenty of flexibility in meal planning, you are not stuck in a box or a rut.  And it isn’t just for people with kids.  It really is a great guide for anyone.  My sister taught me all of this.  For more info and ideas check out last year’s back to school blog by clicking here.  It will give you my sister’s plan, my 2020 plan and a blank template without the snack row.  Scroll down until you start seeing the meal plans unless you want to read all about virtual learning again (please god no)!

And if you haven’t already, PLEASE GET FULLY VACCINATED!!!! The longer you wait the more the virus will mutate and the longer this will all go on.  There are too many that are too young for this life saving vaccine, including my children.  Please help protect those who can’t yet protect themselves.

Alright, I’m ready to roll into a holiday weekend.  I hope you all have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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