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Hello Everyone!  Happy October!  I hope you all are doing well.  We have been great, and busy and tired and excited and relaxed and all the things.  Husband started a new job a month ago.  Kids have started after school activities.  Dog still barks at every doorbell ring and jumps on everyone who walks in the door (or down the stairs).  Husband and I had an absolutely wonderful 15th anniversary trip to Turks & Caicos last week.  The kids are still liking middle school so I count that blessing every single day that I can. Now we are getting ready for birthday season.  I think there are, conservatively, 236 October birthdays in our family.  Three of them in this house.

So, I was really going to have my act together by this week and start posting like I used to.  Recipes for you to try every Friday.  Shocker: it didn’t happen.  It is still not happening.  But, while we were cleaning out the office to prep for husband’s new (permanent) home office I came across an old file folder of recipes.  Recipes I have written down or ripped out of magazines because I was really going to make them.  That file folder has been sitting in my computer bag, in a closet, in the office for at least 3 years without being touched.  It did give me a great idea though.  I should make some of these and blog about them.

Then, I remembered all the recipes I have saved in my “recipes” folder on Instagram.  I have also not made a single one.  I just keep adding to the list.  So that is what I plan to do for the next month or two.  Maybe one month devoted to magazine pages and one month devoted to Instagram saves.  What do you think?

I definitely need some help narrowing things down.  Let’s start with Instagram.  Here are some of the recipes that are really sticking out to me today.  I want to choose about four of them:

@mamagourmand Broccoli Cheese Soup

@jernejkitchen 15 Minute Ginger Scallion Noodles with Shrimp

@thecookierookie Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy

@stripedspatula Beer Bread

@thenovicechef Creamy Baked Brussel Sprouts

@food52 Extra-Cheesy Spinach-Artichoke Dip

@soulfoodscholar Slow Cooker Grits

@ericripert Potato-Leek Soup

@thebakefeed Blueberry-Cornmeal Skillet Cake

@easymealpreprecipes Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Bake

@halfbakedharvest Healthier One Pot Hamburger Helper

@thebakefeed Beer Cheese Pretzel Tart

I know this is too many to narrow down to just four.  They all sound amazing, right?!?!! Trust me when I say it is a VERY small sample of all the recipes I have saved.  So can you help me out?  PLEASE? Which one would you be interested in making?  Or which four would you be interested in making?  Even if you aren’t on Instagram and you can’t click on the links, what sounds good to you? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll get started!

p.s. While scrolling, I realized I have at least 5 recipes saved for spinach artichoke dip so I should probably make at least one of them.  Clearly, I have a craving.


2 thoughts on “Recipe Backlog

  1. Ok…I’m starving right now so to narrow only 4 – yikes. Here goes:
    1. Ginger scallion noodles with shrimp
    2. Creamy baked Brussel sprouts
    3. Potato leek soup
    4. Blueberry cornmeal skillet cake

    Great blog ideas – all sound scrumptious. Thank you.

  2. I would choose the ginger scallion noodles, the creamy Brussels sprouts, beer bread, and potato leek soup! Thanks Em for the choices!

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