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Happy Holiday Weekend!

Happy Easter and Passover weekend everyone!  I’m sure everyone’s plans have slightly changed but I am still very excited for the holiday; and so are my kids!  They feel like Easter is the one thing that didn’t get cancelled because the Easter Bunny can still come to the house.  I sure hope he is able to bring everything he normally would but… we shall see.  Fingers crossed.

We celebrate Easter here and it is one of my favorite meals of the entire year!  And this is the first year I get to make it myself.  Silver linings.  Go grab your cookbook everyone.

Cookbook Cover

Flip to page 138: Menu Options. Do you see that Brunch Buffet? It is very heavily derived from Aunt Sheryl’s Easter Brunch every year.  Now, it will only be the four of us eating so I don’t need to make everything on that list… but it is a holiday so we will have too much food (and I planned early so I have all the ingredients I need).  This is our household’s Easter menu:

Baked Ham (pg. 85)
Egg Casserole (pg. 17)
Hashbrown Casserole (pg. 74)
Orange Fruit Salad (pg. 19)
Cinnamon Rolls (made a long time ago and saved 1/2 the batch in the freezer)
Fresh Fruit (hopefully)

I am making a 1/2 version of everything so it isn’t quite as ridiculous as it sounds.  But I will not let coronavirus take over all traditions.  I’ll be damned if I’m not going to eat too much at noon and then be thirsty for the next 12 hours from eating all that delicious, salty ham.FullSizeRender

We are going to do a group FaceTime/Zoom with my mom, sister and brother so it is like we are all eating together.  My brother will be toasting us from his house in STL, my mom will be having her Easter meal at her house in STL and my sister and her family will be eating their lunch in CO (saving their Easter meal for dinnertime).

Later in the day we will indulge on a small Victoria’s Sandwich for dessert.  This is perfect since you weigh all the ingredients.  I can make a small one (2 eggs) just for the four of us.  And during dessert, we are going to FaceTime with my in-laws.  It is going to be a lovely day!

And then Monday… all the leftovers.  Man do I love leftovers!  From all our dyed Easter eggs we can make Egg Salad (pg. 17) and Deviled Eggs (pg. 62).  And the options for the ham are nearly limitless:  Ham & Brie Breakfast Bake (pg. 19), Quiche (pg. 22), Ham and Bean Soup (pg. 39), Croque Madames (pg. 49), Cubanos (pg. 50), Monte Cristos (pg. 53), Creamy Italian Pasta, Eggs Benedict and Fritattas… and on and on and on.

What are you having for your holiday meal this weekend?

Wishing everyone health and happiness!

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  1. Love all your posts, this is really special, and the ham is good too♥️♥️♥️🐣

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