Grilled Lobster Tails (for beginners)

Overall, I’m a crab leg kind of a girl but I had a desire to try to make some lobster at home. I am not prepared to buy a whole lobster, seems like too much of a pain. But a lobster tail… that seems like something I can handle. So, I went to the grocery store and bought these little lobster tails for $5 a pop. I mean, seriously LITTLE lobster tails, perfect for a trial run. If I screw up at least I’m not ruining $100 worth of food.

I got online to see how to prep them. I could cut down the tail with kitchen shears, run my finger around the inside edge of the shell and pull the tail meat out to sit on top of the cut shell. Or, I could cut the tail in half. I went with option B.IMG_0799

You do need to be careful when splitting the lobster tail; it is very slippery! I started with my knife at the bottom of the tail, poked the point in then pushed the rest of the knife down. I didn’t saw back and forth or hack away, just straight down until you have split the lobster tail in two.

I rubbed them with a little oil and sprinkled with some salt. Then I place them meat side down on the grill. IMG_0800I grilled them for a few minutes, flipped them over and put a little pat of compound butter on the meat.

Remember the compound butter we made last week? This is what it was for! (Full disclosure- I didn’t put the compound butter on the kids’ pieces thinking they wouldn’t like the heavy herbs de Provence flavor- a good call.)

I grilled them for a few more minutes; put them on a serving platter and we ate!

That little pile of green stuff on the lobster are the herbs from the compound butter, yum!

Because I was nervous they wouldn’t turn out, I only had a little bit of lobster and the main portion of our meal was a lemon caper pasta and Caesar salad. Big mistake. I mean, the pasta and salad were great but the lobster was delicious and we all wanted more. Well, three of us wanted more. E loved it. Let’s face it; A was never going to love it unless I put either syrup or chocolate on it.


No measurements below. You can make one or a dozen, all up to you.

Grilled Lobster TailsIMG_0805

Lobster Tail(s)
Olive Oil
Butter or Compound Butter
Lemon Wedges (optional, for serving)

Carefully use a sharp knife to split the lobster tail in half.
Drizzle a little olive oil on the meat and season with salt.
Place the lobster tail, meat side down on a medium to medium-hot grill, close the lid.
Grill for about 3-5 minutes (depending on the size).
Flip the lobster tail over on the grill.
Place a small pat of compound butter on the lobster tail.
Close the lid and grill for another 3-5 minutes.

Put on a platter and serve with extra compound butter and lemon wedges.

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  1. I would die to have right now. You just encouraged me to make over the weekend and will try this way. I love lobster and will make more than one little tail! Thank you.

  2. I never thought about doing lobster on the grill but will try it ! Makes my mouth water to see the pictures!!!

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