How to “Grow” A Green Onion

Garlic & Olive Oil

7/28/17 Update

So, I posted the info below about a year ago.  I have since learned that I made it way more difficult than necessary.  You don’t need to use toothpicks to balance the green onion.  You just need to put it in a small glass with a little water.  The green onions will continue to grow and the roots will swirl around the bowl.  And, I still always have fresh green onions for a mild onion flavor, a little color and/or the perfect garnish.

Original Post

I love green onions, or scallions, especially as a garnish.  They add color, freshness and the perfect amount of mild onion flavor when sprinkled on top of a dish. They are great on salad, enchiladas, a baked potato… and on and on.  The problem is I usually only need  one and I have to buy a “bunch” at the store; then the rest…

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