How to “Grow” A Green Onion

7/28/17 Update

So, I posted the info below about a year ago.  I have since learned that I made it way more difficult than necessary.  You don’t need to use toothpicks to balance the green onion.  You just need to put it in a small glass with a little water.  The green onions will continue to grow and the roots will swirl around the bowl.  And, I still always have fresh green onions for a mild onion flavor, a little color and/or the perfect garnish.

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I love green onions, or scallions, especially as a garnish.  They add color, freshness and the perfect amount of mild onion flavor when sprinkled on top of a dish. They are great on salad, enchiladas, a baked potato… and on and on.  The problem is I usually only need  one and I have to buy a “bunch” at the store; then the rest go bad.

I saw this on TV a long time ago; so long I don’t even know when.  It could have been a cooking show, it could have been Mr. Wizard. Everyone remembers Mr. Wizard, right?  I have always wanted to try it and finally did a few weeks ago.  Guess what, it works!  So, here are the steps on how to “grow” a green onion…

  1. Use the part of the green onion you normally would for garnish or cooking but leave the “root ball” at the end.  (I don’t garden so I don’t know if these are the correct terms but I’m sure you know what I mean)
  2. Find a small juice glass.  Put toothpicks into the green onion so the roots can sit in the water.
    The set up

    The 2nd evening
  3. Make sure to fill the water as necessary and watch your onion grow!

    After 9 days!

It is amazing! Now I have onions for garnish whenever I want.  I’m so excited!

Since this is the first time I have done this, I’m not sure if you can cut and regrow over and over.  I will update this post when I find out.

Also, I did take this a step further and plant it in my pot with my other herbs for summer. We shall see what happens.

Roots before I planted, after 18 days
Planted with my herbs

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