Keep Bugs Out Of Your Beverage

Tuesday Tip: An upside down cupcake liner keeps bugs out of your beverage. If you are having a cocktail, juice, soda, etc… just poke a straw through it. I don’t like wine through a straw sooo….

Saw this on @todayshow . Just in case you weren’t watching at that exact moment, I thought I’d share.

2 thoughts on “Keep Bugs Out Of Your Beverage

  1. Hmmm…glad not your creation. I will never do/use cupcake papers over my wine. I’ll fling out the gnat. Almost as bad as small disposable plastic cups. Unless, a big outdoor party and that’s all that is offered – I sure would. Instead I would put a napkin or coaster over my wine till I sip!

    1. I’m not sure I’m understanding your distress. You don’t drink through the liner, remove it… as you would the napkin. And remember, this is for any beverage, not just wine. If you have a drink that can use a straw, cut a slit in the top, put the straw through and you are good to go!

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