Renovation Update: One Month Down

Hey!  Super busy over here getting window bids and scheduling chimney sweeps and school is over in less than a week so….  lots going on.  But here is a quick update on our reno.  I updated some of this on Instagram a couple weeks ago but here it is again with a couple of additional pics.  If the videos are choppy, just check them out on my instagram page where they flow nicely, @eivannoni .

Video showing our bedroom in its original state:


Video showing after ONE DAY of demo:

Another in between photo:

Now we are one month in!

Here is the bedroom as of this morning:

And here is the bathroom:

They said 3 months.  I’m not holding my breath but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope all is well and everyone can enjoy the week of spring weather before full on summer hits.  Happy Weekend!

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