Hello Friends.  We are almost into February, can you believe it?  I surmise that means you have already let go of your unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions and we can move on to reasonable pursuits for 2023.  I introduced this concept last year.  We are changing from “resolutions” to a “bucket list.”  These are fun goals you want to try to check off a list this year.  Let’s review my 2022 bucket list and see how I did.

  1.  I wanted to go to City Foundry and J’s Pitaria.  I wanted waffles from City Foundry and sandwiches from J’s Pitaria.  I am happy to report I fulfilled all of these bucket list items.  Not only did I try waffles (a waffle sandwich to be precise) at City Foundry, I had bites of my girls poke bowls and we had some AMAZING cheesecakes.  I highly recommend a trip.  And the whole family went to J’s Pitaria so I got to try MANY things.  Let me tell you, I dream about this place.  Especially the Sarajevski Cevapi and the Kajmak cheese.  I can’t express the perfection.  I know everyone loves Balkan Treat Box here in STL and I’m not saying it isn’t delicious.  In fact, just Wednesday the chef at Balkan Treat Box was nominated for a James Beard award.  Congratulations on your well deserved recognition Chef!  I’m just saying, for me, J’s Pitaria is where it’s at!  In fact, I did an entire blog post on just that one restaurant  last year.  That is saying something!
  2. Similar to a traditional “resolution” I decided to read one classic book a quarter.  Similar to a traditional “resolution,” this did not work out.  I read two:  Oliver Twist and Middlemarch.  And when I say “read,” I mean listened to the audio.  I started both Beloved and A Moveable Feast.  I tried really hard with Beloved, I did!  But it really just wasn’t for me.  And by the time I got to A Moveable Feast we were moving and I just couldn’t do it.
  3. Get rid of the useless bank account.  DONE!

The first item on my 2023 bucket list isn’t very fun.  Which defeats the purpose of a bucket list.  But,  I’m getting older and I need to do some things “required” for my age.  I’ve been putting them off because of things like Covid and moving and kids and I’m tired but mostly… I just don’t want to.  So, my #1 checklist item (checklist is more appropriate than bucket list for this) is to schedule that dreaded doctor’s appointment.  Colonoscopy here I come.  PSA- If you are 45 or older, you need one too.  You’re welcome and CONGRATULATIONS!

One thing I know I will fulfill is the restaurants portion of the bucket list.  And it is Bucket List worthy!  There are, conservatively, about three dozen restaurants I have been wanting to try.  That isn’t feasible.  But this year I WILL make it to Mai Lee.  It’s been around since 1985 and I’ve been wanting to go for over a decade.  This is the year!  The other one I really want to try is Bar Moro.  This is a new Spanish restaurant and my desire comes from my recent trip to Spain.  I’ve been craving a Spanish Tortilla (nothing like the tortilla we are used to here) since we left.  In my current state, I would prefer someone else to make it for me rather than make it myself.  But I do know how to make it, we took a class.

I also want to try to make it to Juniper and/or The Golden Hoosier this year.  Those aren’t official, they are just for bonus points.  Little Fox for double bonus points.  Ok, I’m done now.  But husband, if you’re reading this… date ideas.

I’m also definitely doing the classic book thing again.  I hit 50% of my goal last year.  Hopefully I will improve this year.  I already listened to the 1st Sherlock Holmes story so I’m counting it.  Plus, each celebration month I want to read a book by an author of that race, sex/identification or nationality.  I think it’s a great way to shake up my reading habits and hopefully make myself a more well-rounded human being.

Also, so much house stuff.  I guess my most desired bucket list item for 2023 is a master suite in our new house.  I am very reliant on others to fulfill that so… here’s to hoping!

What fun things do you want to do in 2023?  Make sure to share them in the comments below so I can steal the good ones.

Wishing you all a Safe, Healthy and Happy 2023!!!

4 thoughts on “#2023Goals

  1. One of mine is to comment on your blog more often because you should know how much we all love and appreciate you! I’m also working on being on my phone less and eating more chocolate! Life is short and the little things mean a lot.

    1. These are all very good bucket list items! I definitely need to be on my phone less. I’m responding to this on the computer instead of my phone so I’m already improving. I don’t know if I can eat more chocolate, I get a healthy dose most days because, YES, life is short!

  2. This is a great story. Mai Lee is wonderful. I’m going to The Foundry next Thursday so even more excited now. Thank you for the great tips and your restaurant list is wonderful. A great plan.

    1. Thanks! Can’t wait for Mai Lee. There are still so many places I want to try within the foundry. Do yourself a favor and hit the cheesecake place. They make minis so you can have the perfect amount. So Good!

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