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Cabbage and Apple Salad

I realize this may sound weird but it is fantastic.  I don’t like “slaw” and this is not a slaw.  It is definitely more of a salad.  It is light, crisp and refreshing.  Ideal any time of year and especially when you are having a heavy or rich (read: fatty) main course.  It is wonderful with pork.  I served this on 4th of July with smoked ribs.  Delightful.

This recipe is from Bon Appetit.  If you want the exact recipe, click here.  Of course, I have altered it a little bit to suit my personal tastes.  The original recipe has toasted caraway seeds in it.  I don’t care much for anything that has a  licorice or rye flavor so I leave them out.  If you like them, by all means throw them in.  Now, without further ado let’s make this delicious (and healthy) dish…

Cabbage and Apple SaladFullSizeRender 10

1/2 small head Green Cabbage, cored and thinly sliced (I use part of a bag of Shredded Green Cabbage I buy at the store)
1 Granny Smith Apple, cut into matchsticks
1 c torn Kale Leaves
2 T fresh Lemon Juice
2 T Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

In large bowl, combine cabbage, apple and kale.  Pour over lemon juice and olive oil.  Toss everything together.  Season with salt and pepper.

That’s it! This is probably the shortest recipe I will ever post.  Enjoy!



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