Spring Break 2023

We never go anywhere for Spring Break.  Last year was the first time ever, we went to Chicago.  It was last minute and it was great.  I was thinking maybe this year I would do a last minute Memphis trip or something.

We didn’t.  A got sick on Sunday.  She hasn’t been sick all year then got a fever on spring break.  Huh?  Luckily, it was short lived.  I hosted book club on Tuesday.  We had haircuts on Wednesday.  They had a sleepover on Thursday (rain check for the sleepover that was supposed to happen earlier in the week but was postponed due to afore mentioned fever).  So, staycation it was!  Runny noses and crappy weather but we actually had a good time.  We saw a movie, went bowling, and made it outside when the weather and health permitted.  We weren’t able to make it to the roller rink but there is always summer break.

And guess what happened on the final day of spring break!!!  Which was yesterday (Monday) because of course they needed an extra day off… in addition to the fact that spring break started on a Friday… but I’m getting off track.  MY CARPET WAS INSTALLED YESTERDAY!!!  Ahhhhh…..  I feel so much better and I’m not exaggerating.  This place feels so much more like home to me now.

FYI-  went into husband’s office at 5:03pm yesterday and told him “time’s up.”  We moved his office furniture right then!

Hoping to start construction soon on new master suite.  No date set yet but I’m ready.  That counts, right?

Until next time.  Stay safe everyone!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break 2023

  1. Just watched the videos w Hannah. She is also happy about your staycation adventures, and more importantly, the non-ombre carpet :)

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