Happy Good Friday

In our family, today is for dying Easter Eggs.  And since I have a steam oven now, no dread in boiling all those eggs.  Put them in the oven.  Set it to steam and let them go for 20 minutes.  DONE!  So easy!  See picture below (just don’t pay attention to my dirty oven… that job is for another day).

Last year, we also made cookies on Good Friday but we are skipping that this year.  Just dying eggs and maybe watching a movie.  My #1 tip for dying eggs: go buy one of those $0.99 plastic table cloths at Walmart.  When I was growing up we always used newspaper to protect the counter/table.  So that is what I did as a mom… until a couple of years ago.  Splurge on the plastic tablecloth.  So much easier.

We are going to A. Sheryl’s for Easter for the first time in TWO YEARS!!! Woo Hoo!!!  I can’t wait! You know it’s my favorite meal of the year.  If you need some help meal prepping grab your cookbook.  It’s all in there.  Check out the menu options (p.138) in the back for extra ideas but you really just need Ham (p. 85), Egg Casserole (p. 17), Hashbrown Casserole (p. 74) and Orange Fruit Salad (p. 19).  You can add whatever else you want but those are musts for an Easter Brunch.

Lent Update:

I did ok.  I didn’t do great.  I did best with not drinking.  Maybe a little on book club night and when I had my cousins over for the first time ever.  A sip of my husbands wine now and then.  Spring Break I definitely had a couple beverages. But overall, I really did ok on the not drinking during Lent.  I did terrible with not playing games on my phone.  I made a dent in the photos but not nearly where I need to be.  They have gone from 8,000 to 4,000.  Progress but not success.  I usually only pick 1 thing for Lent.  Clearly, picking three was overwhelming and I failed at all of them.  Next year, back to one.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend.  Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

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