C is for Cookie

I usually start baking cookies November 1st.  There is a way to freeze almost any cookie so I enjoy spreading out the task.  It is fun that way and not overwhelming.  Apparently, I have forgotten that I shouldn’t overwhelm myself.  This year I started later than EVER!  And I said that last year too… I just keep setting new records I guess.

We all know by now that I do a candy table every Christmas to decorate the dining room.  It looked so sad without its gingerbread centerpiece since December 1st.  So, this past weekend I started on the centerpiece.  We went with the St. Louis Arch.  Is it perfect?  No.  But it is still standing, so I’ll take it. 

Also, I was going to use mini marshmallows or shredded coconut to act as snow but I just skipped it.  Too tired to open a plastic bag and dump it out.

So, it started with gingerbread and I just kept going.  I have been a cookie making machine this week.  Today I only baked 3 different cookies and didn’t make any dough.  It was by far the simplest day of the week.  I feel weird not to be covered in flour.  But, I had to get on top of it because I want the kids to hand out cookies to teachers Friday (today).

Here are the little treat boxes they are going to hand out.  Aren’t they the cutest!

We’ve got some of the usual suspects.  I can’t imaging Christmas without Spritz Cookies, specifically green trees.  I’ve got Peanut Butter Surprise in there along with Biscotti and last year’s new favorite, Chocolate Crinkles.

Click here to see my previous post on Christmas cookies.  It will provide links to several of the recipes or the page number in the cookbook.

This year has two new favorites:  Jam Thumbprints and Iced Gingerbread Oatmeal Cookies

My kids’ favorite are these Jam Thumbprints from Food Network.  You can see a few of them in the picture above.  I used raspberry jam.  I made these for the kids.  I was not excited about the cookie.  I remember something similar from when I was a kid and I never liked them.  I was an idiot.  They are delicious.  The cookie itself is so buttery and crumbly!  So, so, good.

A few tips for the thumbprints.  Make the dough and roll them in sugar as instructed in the recipe.  Use the bottom of a 1/4 teaspoon to create your “thumbprint.”  Don’t overfill with jam or it will spill over when baking.  Chill the filled dough in the fridge for at least 15 minutes up to 45 minutes to keep the cookie from spreading too much.  Then, enjoy!

Move over bacon, here comes Iced Gingerbread Oatmeal Cookies.  These cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction are my new heaven.  They are spicy and chewy but with just the right amount of resistance when you bite into them.  The oatmeal gives them great texture.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  I LOVE THEM!  They truly don’t need the icing at all!  But the icing is pretty and I have kids… so I made the icing.  Please give them a try!

The only change I made to these is that I rolled them into balls first then refrigerated them.  Everything else remained the same.  I’m telling you, HEAVEN!

What are your favorite cookies to have during the holiday?  Do you bake them, buy them, or hope someone else just gives you some?

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hi…my favorite cookie? Spritz and all the ones you bring Christmas Eve, minus those pinwheels!!! Not into those (too much, but in a pinch!) – ha.
    Great post. Tis the season!
    Merry Christmas one and all.
    Your Mom

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