Why? How?

I’m not sure how to begin.  Before the year ended, I was going to do a post about the positive things I would take from 2020 because I was just sick of reliving the negative.  Then, it was the middle of the holidays and time to blog got away from me.  So, I decided we don’t need to talk about 2020 anymore and I was going to just move on to 2021 and say, “Let’s all move forward into this year with open minds and open hearts.”  Clearly, I’m a day too late.

The events that transpired at the capitol on Wednesday are sickening to me.  I am disgusted and disheartened.  I’m angry.  I’m baffled.  I’m embarrassed.  I don’t know how it could happen.  I don’t know how it was allowed to continue to happen and escalate to the level it did.  I can’t stop thinking that if that had been a mob comprised of people of color there would have been swift, decisive and extremely violent action taken.  It would have ended in so much more death and bloodshed.  And that makes me even more disgusted… the blatant racism; apparently it’s okay for angry white people to destroy and intend to harm the entirety of congress.  Because these were people violently rioting, this was not a protest.  And it was incited at the highest level of government.  It was not condemned at the highest level of government.

If this is not a wake up call to all of us, I am ashamed of all of us.  So even though it feels too late I will restate my original intent:  PLEASE, let us all move forward with open minds and open hearts.  It’s too late for yesterday, but it isn’t too late for tomorrow.

It seemed wrong to talk about food today.  I really hope I can get back to it next week.  I’m copying Kendra from @thelazygenius and am turning comments off for this post.  At this time, let’s just take a look inside ourselves.  Wishing you all peace, patience and safety.