Last Minute Covid-19 Thanksgiving Help!

It was bound to happen.  Your plans got cancelled at the last minute because someone has tested positive or someone has to quarantine.  It’s OK!

Even though I have been prepping like a psycho, it is because I like to prep like a psycho.  There is no need for anyone to freak out.  Here is how to throw your last minute Thanksgiving 2020: go buy all the pre-made items right now.  Each traditional item gets a store-bought, easy-prep alternative.

  1. Turkey= Rotisserie Chicken
    Get a cooked rotisserie chicken from your grocery store now and reheat it on Thursday. Reheat slow and low in your oven or microwave.
  2. Mashed Potatoes= Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes
    They are usually in the butcher section of the grocery store in a refrigerated case.  They are delicious and heat up in the microwave.
  3. Stuffing = Stove Top
    Honestly, I’ve never had Stove Top but I hear it’s great so go buy a box.
  4. Cranberries = Oceanspray Jellied Cranberries
    I don’t know anyone that truly makes homemade jellied cranberries so these aren’t competing with the normal cranberry sauce.  And even though I always want my homemade cranberries, I freaking love canned jellied cranberries.  I’m not ashamed.  Enjoy!
  5. Rolls = Whatever you were probably going to buy anyway
    I like King’s Hawaiian Rolls for Thanksgiving but I realize most people are in the Pillsbury Crescent Roll camp.  Fine, get what you want.  Just remember Hawaiian rolls go straight from the bag to the plate. No oven needed.
  6. Vegetable = Canned or a Steamer Bag
    No cleaning just throw them in a pot or in the microwave and call it a day.  Canned if you have kids (mine think it’s a huge treat to have canned green beans, it hurts me), steamer bag if you want to be fancy.  If you really want to make something you can easily whip up a green bean casserole but no pressure.
  7. Gravy = I don’t know
    This is my hardest one as I have never had store bought gravy.  If you have please share what your favorite is.  I know it comes in jars.  I love Knorr Béarnaise sauce packets.  If Knorr makes a gravy packet I would definitely give it a whirl.
  8. Salad = Bag Salad
    I’d skip the salad altogether but if you feel its required grab a bag of Caesar. It never disappoints.
  9. Dessert = Buy something you like
    You can always buy a pie or cake from the grocery store, a lot of times a mini pie or cake.  Maybe cupcakes?  I would highly recommend these tarts if you want to make something.  They are VERY easy to make and will give you all the fall flavors and a flaky crust with minimal effort.  Just buy some puff pastry and pears (or apples).  I’m assuming you have butter and sugar at your house already.  You can skip the apricot jam.  It makes it look pretty but it tastes just as good without it.
  10. Wine = You should already have this at your house
    If you don’t, let me know and I’ll leave a bottle on the porch.  You can come by and grab it.  It is the season of giving after all.

See, you’ve got this.  No problem.  In fact, in seeing how easy it is there’s no reason we can’t have substitute Thanksgiving all year long.  But, if this still feels overwhelming I’ve got another plan for you…

  1. Order a pizza for delivery.
  2. Buy some ice cream at the grocery store now for dessert on Thursday.

No one has ever been unhappy while eating pizza and ice cream.  It will truly be a Thanksgiving to remember!

Enjoy this week and remember something you are thankful for.  There is always a reason to be thankful.

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