The Great American Baking Show Season 5

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, Tomorrow! You’re Only a DAY AAAA WAAAAYYYYY!

That’s right folks, tomorrow is the premiere of The Great American Baking Show!  I’m so excited I’m bursting with fruit flavor.  This season is extra special for me because I have met THREE of the bakers!  Not only that, I have plans to meet another one this weekend.  #fangirl

I recently met Dana Commandatore (Instagram: @danacommandatore Website:  She is just a cool, cool lady.  I mean that in that she is both awesome and seems very calm.  I think the picture below proves my point.  Who wouldn’t crack with that icy gaze right over your shoulder?  I can’t wait to see her unshakeable resolve bake up a storm in the tent! IMG_6521

Sarita Gelner (Instagram: @ritzymomblog Website: makes AMAZING things.  I mean beautiful, fancy everything… with combinations I can’t even imagine.  I’m so anxious to see what she comes up with for these bakes!IMG_6524

I have known Tanya Ott (Instagram: @globalbakesbytanya Website: for years.  We are actually friends and she is my baking hero.  I strive to bake like she bakes.  I know that although I am a very good baker I will never attain her level of expertise and I’m totally ok with that.   I am beyond excited to see her in action tomorrow night! Go Tanya Go!IMG_6525

And some additional excitement for local readers… Sarita, Tanya and Helen Pantazis (Instagram: @ba.bakersanonymous Website: are all from the St. Louis metro area.  Way to represent STL!

So make sure you tune in tomorrow night to watch The Great American Baking Show on ABC at 8pm CST!  And good luck to each and every contestant!IMG_6526

(p.s. all pictures are from ABC/The Great American Baking Show/These people’s Instagrams… hopefully that covers all copyright bases)


6 thoughts on “The Great American Baking Show Season 5

  1. My gosh – I noticed this in the TV programming when scrolling for holiday shows. I too am very excited, plan to watch (or record) and will cheer your friends on…thank you for the reminder.

  2. Thanks Em…… I was wondering when or if it was going to be back on TV. Already set to record.
    Exciting to find out how many of the contestants you know!

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