Happy Fall

Finally it feels like fall!!! I thought fall came a couple weeks ago but then summer came back. Yesterday and today feel like fall so I’m taking advantage of it while I can.  You never know, next week could be summer or winter.  It could go either way.

I know everyone wants to celebrate the season with pumpkin spice. I love a good pumpkin loaf.  This recipe is THE BEST pumpkin bread you can make. It is one of my signature bakes and everyone loves it; even if they don’t like pumpkin. But I think we need to draw a line. We don’t need pumpkin spice everything.

You know what celebrates the season for me? Short ribs and gravy!!!!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I made short ribs last night. The high was 70 degrees, short ribs were on sale at Whole Foods for Amazon Prime members… it was just meant to be. We are eating the short ribs for dinner tonight. I love making them the day before! Put them in the fridge overnight, excess grease will float to the top and harden. Scrape off the grease and throw it away, then slowly reheat on the stove. Heaven! Pg. 101 in your new cookbook or under “Main Courses” in your ebook.d43baab0-3885-4cc8-8301-631c1de67ed7

Other recipes that use short ribs are the beef barley soup (pg. 33), boeuf bourguignon (pg. 89) and short rib pot pie (pg. 99). Go short rib it up!

But my favorite, favorite indicator of fall is GRAVY!!!! Gravy on everything! Gravy on chicken. Gravy on pork. Gravy on rice. Gravy in pot pie. Gravy on mashed potatoes, egg noodles, stuffing and of course turkey. ALL. THE. GRAVY. Best gravy recipe ever on pg. 73 of your cookbook.


If you still haven’t purchased your copy of Garlic & Olive Oil: Bringing family together with food click here. Then put gravy on everything!

What food really marks the beginning of fall for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Fall!!!


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