Christmas Movies, Let’s Discuss

Last blog post I hinted to how much I love watching Christmas movies during the holiday season. I just had to take a minute for us to discuss this in more detail. Please feel free to join in on the discussion!

What are your favorites? I have so many. I am thinking of listing a top ten but it honestly makes me feel nervous. I take movie watching very seriously and if I inadvertently left one out it would feel like abandonment. But… I decided to go for it anyway.

Let me get this out of the way before I hear any complaints…. Christmas Vacation is purposely not on my list. I didn’t forget it. Are there funny people and funny lines? Yes. But all I can think about is that dog running through the house and causing a disgusting mess. Everyone else thinks that it’s funny but all I have every been able to think is, “Someone, a real person, actually has to clean that up.” It bothers me.

Now, I have Christmas movies that I love and I have movies that I always watch at Christmas. I think of them as Christmas movies but you might not. I’m a creature of habit so I always watch 4 movies while setting up the Christmas tree: Elf, Love Actually, Little Women (the 1994 version) and About A Boy (a totally underrated movie). You might not consider the last two Christmas movies but I love watching them during the holidays. Same goes for When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle.

I will now try to rank the movies but really, I just want to make sure I fit them all in at some point in December. And like I said last week, they are usually on in the background while I’m baking like crazy.

1 & 2. A Christmas Story and Elf (these are interchangeable depending on my mood).
3. Love Actually
4. It’s A Wonderful Life
5. Santa Claus: The Movie (1985)
6. Trading Places
7. The Family Man
8. Scrooged
9. White Christmas
10. Junior Miss (1945)

Honorable Mention: The Holiday, Home Alone

Where do we overlap? What do you think I missed? Did I remind you of one you forgot?  Happy holiday movie watching!

Christmas Movies Portrait


p.s.  My mom and my aunts are going to be so mad this whole list isn’t old black and white Christmas movies!


9 thoughts on “Christmas Movies, Let’s Discuss

  1. Hilarious, Emily. They are good choices and only we will know Junior Miss, so silly but so fun with all the movie stars mentioned – ha. Please bake a little extra for Cmas Eve even with you being gone this year. I liked the fun of the blog too.
    Love, you know who…

  2. Great selections, Emily! One of my favorites is, The Gathering (filmed in Chagrin Falls and Hudson, OH), where Jack and I lived and MB was born…..excellent choice for the Holidays.

  3. Little Women – definitely!! Also not a traditional Christmas movie but, Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis is a top holiday watch and one of my mom’s favorites!

    1. Awwww…my favorite Christmas song is from Meet Me In St. Louis!!! Definitely going to discuss songs next week!

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