Baking Tip: Butter

Just a quick tip to help you on your holiday baking adventure…

Most cookie and cake recipes require butter to be at room temperature.

1. You can leave your butter out overnight to get it to room temp.
(Sidebar- Your butter is not going to go bad. I never refrigerate my butter that we use for toast, etc. I leave it out all the time. Nothing worse than hard butter ripping your bread apart.)

2. After you use the butter in your recipe, save the wrapper. The wrapper always has left over room temp butter in it. Fold it it in half (butter side in) and put it in the fridge.5E07A3D3-7D6E-4F76-9EB6-F5C35B53F284

3. Use this wrapper to “grease pans” for your future bakes. You can pull the wrapper(s) out right before you need them. It is such a small, thin amount of butter it is spreadable in a matter of minutes.E25F705D-D397-485E-AFF8-4A5DCB5A7CBD

Hopefully your husband won’t get mad when you get such a big pile they fall out of the fridge and land on his feet.

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