Tuesday Trials: A Slow Cooker Confessional

My first two slow cooker recipes were a huge success!  I created the pot roast and lasagna recipes myself.  They both worked on the first try and… I got cocky.  After that I made 4 different recipes that were all terrible.  And they actually got worse and worse. Huh?

1. A breakfast casserole that was just off. I tried to do half with veggies and half without; an adult and kid side if you will. The kids were not fans (either was I).


2. A chicken dish that was bland. Edible but not good enough to share with you all.IMG_2119
3. A pork dish that we ate but suffered through.  My slow cooker even gave up on me at this point. In the middle of cooking the pork, it broke! I finished the pork in the oven and I had to go buy a new crock pot. The universe was trying to tell me something.

4. Another breakfast casserole that was simply horrendous.  My husband told me the pork dish was the worst thing I ever made in my life until he tried this egg casserole.  “By far the worst!” We each took a bite and spit it right back out.



I made the second egg casserole with the new crock pot.  It was terrible.  I mean, the egg casserole was but the crock pot was terrible too.  It cooked WAY too hot and moisture got trapped between the lid and the handle.  Great, so I’ll have mold there in about a week?  Thanks.  That crock pot was returned.

Bye Bye Crock Pot

Don’t fret, I have another great slow cooker recipe coming to you on Friday!

I went back to the classics. My husband told me to do that after fail #2 but I am quite stubborn so I was trying to prove him wrong.  I didn’t.  It is like WC Fields said,

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.”

So true Mr. Fields, so true.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Trials: A Slow Cooker Confessional

  1. They look delicious to me, darn. The faces tell all I guess. Never give up – right? The quote is excellent!

  2. OMG, this is a riot. Thanks for testing and sharing the real opinions especially from your girls. I cannot wait to try the roast and the lasagna.

  3. What a Crock!!! There’s the Technique and there’s the Equipment…they are linked. Maybe not 50-50, like a Horse and Carriage..but you got me thinking; how long will it be before our crock is ready for the drop?..Keep the Faith Emily. Love You

    1. New slow cooker is super slooooow cooker. But I’ll take that over too hot any day!

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