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Next Level S’mores

This is the last “Ode to Summer/Summer Finale” post.  I’m not saying more summery things won’t pop up, after all, summer isn’t technically over until September 21st or 22nd or something.  But, this is the last OFFICIAL one.  It’s a good one too.

What better way to send off summer and celebrate Labor Day than with S’Mores?!?!?!! They are an American classic. But I must confess, I find s’mores are always a disappointment. In my opionon there are two main flaws with s’mores which I will describe below.

Problem #1: The chocolate doesn’t melt
I LOVE roasting marshmallows. I love fire in general so when I am allowed to play with fire I’m very happy. I like to torch my mallow to the point where I have to blow it out and then it is all black and crispy. So good. The problem with s’mores is that no matter how firey the mallow, the chocolate never melts. It is very upsetting because you have the crunchy graham cracker and the hard chocolate and there are just too many pieces that can break apart.

Problem #2: You lose the marshmallow
The other problem with the marshmallow is that if you want it perfectly roasted all the way around, it falls off the stick before you make it to the chocolate and graham cracker. We have all done this, right? You roast your mallow slow and low to an even golden brown all over and as soon as you attempt to move it, it falls off into the fire. You KNOW that was going to be the most perfectly tasting roasted marshmallow of all time. All that work and patience for nothing.

Now, I am going to share two tips that will make your s’more experience 10x more enjoyable.

Solution #1: Use Nutella
Yes, the famous chocolate hazelnut spread is the perfect solution for that stubborn piece of chocolate bar. It’s already nice and smooth, you don’t even have to think twice about it, all you have to do is roast your marshmallow to the preferred doneness and you are good to go.IMG_1586

Now, we did this little out of order at our house. And you are going to think I’m crazy because we also decided to add additional toppings to our s’mores. I can understand you thinking, “You are complaining about things not melting then you add more crunchy things that don’t melt?” Yes, we did. But, in my defense, they were little things and because they could stick to both the Nutella and the marshmallow it did not cause the whole s’more to break apart into bits. Here were the options everyone had to choose fromIMG_1588

E chose Heath Bar bits (smart girl), A chose Heath Bar bits and Milk Duds, I chose Reese’s Pieces and husband chose Heath Bar, Milk Duds and a dried cherry (way too many things).


We roasted our marshmallows and ate our Nutella s’mores. Mine and E’s were delicious. A and husband had difficulty because of course the Milk Duds didn’t melt and husband just had too many flavors going on. Gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it.


We had fun, everything tasted good but there was still the marshmallow problem. The top is always more roasted than the bottom. There isn’t an even consistency all the way through.

Solution #2: Make S’mores in the oven
Yes, the oven! All problems are solved. I mean, you can totally put the traditional chocolate on your oven s’more but I still really prefer the taste and consistency of the Nutella.

As I mentioned, we did this backwards. I should not have added any toppings to the first s’more where we roasted the marshmallows the traditional way. That should have just been Nutella and marshmallow. If I was going to add toppings it should have been on the oven roasted s’more. But you live and you learn.

A & E chose the same toppings for their oven s’mores as they did the first time (husband wasn’t home that night so he missed out). Oven s’mores were perfection! Bake for about 3-4 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Keep your eye on it because the marshmallows expand in the oven. I haven’t done it, but I’m assuming if they expand too much they will explode. Anyway, take the pan with the perfectly golden, evenly-toasted-all-the-way-through marshmallow out of the oven. Place the other half of the graham cracker on top and enjoy! Everyone loved their creation even better than they did the first time.


No hard spots in the marshmallow and A’s Milk Duds got a little melty making her concoction easier to eat. These were thoroughly enjoyed by all! You should definitely give it a try!  And, no need to worry about the weather cooperating.  You can have s’mores whenever you want.  They make the house smell good too.


Oven S’mores

Graham Crackers
Optional Toppings: Heath Bar Bits, Reese’s Pieces, M&M’s, Milk Duds, Crushed Pretzels, Dried Cherries

Preheat the oven to 350

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.
Break each graham cracker sheet in half.
Spread Nutella on one half of a graham cracker and place on prepared baking sheet.
If using, sprinkle additional topping of your choice on the Nutella.
Place a marshmallow on top of the Nutella.
Bake for about 3-4 minutes or until the marshmallow is at your desired toastiness level.
Remove from oven and place plain graham cracker half on top.

Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day Weekend!



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  1. Looks yummy, but not sure about the Nutella vs Hershey Bar, hmmm…will have to think about that. Hard to beat a Hershey Bar!

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