Tales of the Cookbook V: Self-Publish Anyone?

My progress on the book has fallen behind. I have decided to go the self-publishing route. I decided that quite some time ago. Then, I started looking into what is involved with self-publishing and was just completely overwhelmed. I know it is challenging for anyone but I feel that a cookbook has extra challenges. Layout, pictures, recipe lists… It’s my first time, I don’t know what I”m doing and I’m nervous.

Has anyone out there self-published? Do you have friends that have? Specifically have you (they) self-published a cookbook? I know I want a hardcover book with color photos and the option for an ebook. I know I will need help with professional editing. I know I need an ISBN number. I know I don’t have space to store 5,000 books so I need some sort of print on demand option. I know I still want to have a physical copy of a book in my hand by the end of this year!

I have been researching different companies but I think I have narrowed it down to BookBaby or Lulu. Do you have experience using one of these companies to self-publish your book? Do you have another company you think would be better? I appreciate anything and everything you can share with me! Thanks everyone!

4 thoughts on “Tales of the Cookbook V: Self-Publish Anyone?

  1. I am quite certain that you have looked into suggestions from people selling on etsy. Many Junior Leages around the country publish cookbooks, and most are excellent. Consider contacting the St. Louis Junior League and perhaps they have some pointers.

  2. We should get together and talk. I’m working on 2 cookbooks and I will probably self-publish. I’m not as far in the process as you are – you know that I’ve been a bit side-tracked lately! But I really want to get these done SOON! I think I will begin on Kindle but definitely want a print on demand option as well. SOOOO many things to do and think about!!

    1. We definitely should get together! I already have an idea for a 2nd cookbook too… before I even have the first one out! What’s wrong with me? I get more overwhelmed every time I look at what’s involved. I think I might start with ebook/Kindle publishing too then move to print.

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