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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day weekend everyone.  You  may recall that my husband loves sandwiches!  So, we celebrate both Father’s Day and his birthday with “Sandwich Week.” Because of a work conference and other events going on this week he is getting a little shorted.  Instead of a sandwich “week” he is getting more of a sandwich “three days” and we are sticking with oldies but goodies!

We had the first sandwich on Wednesday when husband got home from a conference,  the Fried Chicken Sandwich.  This year, I even made my own brioche rolls!  Whether you make your own bread or not, this is a bit of a project but totally worth it!  I mean look at this beauty!IMG_5513

We were supposed to have our second sandwich tonight but that is being pushed for another work event… so we will have it on Saturday for either lunch or dinner.  It will most likely be a Monte Cristo because I just made blackberry jam.  However, if husband changes his mind at the last minute, Cubano here we come!Cuban Sandwich

The finale of every sandwich week is always a Steak Sandwich.  I am saving that recipe for the cookbook but here is a glimpse in all its glory…cropped-steak-sandwich.jpg

If you want to make your own, check out the post for The Perfect Steak, slice it and slap in on some good, crusty bread.

Happy Father’s Day to my husband, my dad and to all of you other amazing fathers out there!  I love you!IMG_7873IMG_Aug 1981_0004

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  1. This is a fun read and would love a sandwich now.
    Love the pics of all the beauties and handsome dads.

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