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Hello Everyone!  As you know my previous posts were all about my terrible photos.  I don’t know why I realized what I’m about to tell you right AFTER that theme but… such is life.

Back in October my husband and I got new iPhones.  It came with new apps.  In general I don’t care for new; I want things I am used to.  I fear change.  However, my husband was fooling around with the Clips app and it caught my attention.  It looks like this on your phoneIMG_9998

I’m sure this app can do a ton of different things but, true to form, I discovered one particular thing and it is the only thing I care about.  It has a comic book filter.  It is AMAZING!  It makes your photos look like a comic book drawing.  Every picture doesn’t look awesome with said filter but when it works, it really works!

We went on a trip to Florida last year and this is one of my favorite pics of my girls from that trip.IMG_7881

Look at it with the comic book filter!  Isn’t it awesome!IMG_9997

This is the pic I have as my screen saver on my phone.  I don’t know if it is only available on iPhones or other phones as well.  But, if you do have an iPhone and want to try it follow theese steps:
1. Click on the app
2. Go to “library”
3. Select a photo
4. Hit the multicolored star in the bottom right corner
5. Scroll over to “comic book” and tap it

Yay, you did it!  I do like the “ink” filter too.  That is basically just a black and white comic book drawing.  Both fantastic.

My husband and I were playing around with this app the other night and a whole new world opened up to me.  We played with more pics of people

We played with buildings

Landscapes (Van Gogh anyone?)



And then I thought, why not do this with my food?  Just like all other pictures, some look better than others but… look at these!

You might be seeing this more than you like from now on because I’m really excited about it.

Should I use comic book drawings instead of real pictures in my cookbook?  What do you think?  I’m really pushing to have it finished within the next month so I can get it published and have a book in my hand by the end of the year.  I’m excited and scared and second guessing all my previous decisions… hence the photo question.  I wouldn’t be able to do every picture with the comic book filter so it would be a mix of regular and comic book.  Is that not cohesive enough?  See, I’m all over the place.  I need help.  What is your opinion?  Thanks everybody!

7 thoughts on “The Clips App

  1. I love the shot of the french toast! So cute! I say mix it up – maybe use the comic photos to introduce the section of the book (so the french toast for the breakfast section?) and then real photos for the recipes? I’m trying this for myself – less wrinkles.

  2. I think occasionally fun and fine – not tons. Well, I will try later with someone’s help. Hmmm…Mother’s Day coming up!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots with that filter! I think it would be awesome to use in your book! I don’t know your layout or how many photos you want to get in there but I would think that using the comic book app on an ‘intro’ page for each section (if you doing different sections like breakfast bakes, side dishes, party foods, etc.) and then the real photo with the actual recipe. Is that too much? I’m going now to see if there is a similar app for android!

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