Fold A Napkin Like A Rose


I’m throwing a Girls’ Tea Party tomorrow and I’m very excited. There will be another post about all the details in the future. For now, I’m going to share how I folded the napkins. I straight up stole this from Pinterest. They of course have tons of ideas on folding napkins but I feel the “rose” napkin works for pretty much every occasion. And it’s real easy… so I’m a fan.

Lay out your napkin.IMG_9175
Fold it in half so you have a triangle shape.IMG_9176

Starting at the long end, roll the napkin towards the point. Roll until you have only a few inches left.

Then, start at one end of the rolled portion of the napkin and roll towards the other end.

Tuck the end of the napkin into one of the folds.IMG_9187
Stand the rose face down and begin to pull the “leaves” apart until they are completely separated.

Flip the rose right side up. Voila!IMG_9191
Place the rose in the center of the plate.IMG_9204

It looks great with both solid napkins and patterns.IMG_9192


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