The Great American Baking Show: Season 3 Cancelled!

This is not the blog I was expecting to post today. I had a nice, warm, comforting, easy meal to share with you. However, my favorite show was just pulled from the air and I am upset.

If you aren’t aware of what happened, let me bring you up to speed. Johnny Iuzzini is a judge on The Great American Baking Show (TGABS). He (along with it seems everyone else you have ever heard of) was accused of sexual misconduct by former employees recently. My heart goes out to all victims of sexual harassment and assault. It is something no person should ever have to deal with. Ever! In light of these accusations, ABC has fired Iuzzini and decided to pull season 3 of TGABS off the air.

I am both sad and angry about this. This show was filmed months ago, before any allegations were made. These 10 amazing home bakers gave up their lives for at least one month just for filming the show in England. And for much longer if you consider the at home preparation. They left their homes, families, friends and jobs in pursuit of their passion. They were trying to make their dreams a reality. I am so envious of them and inspired by their drive and dedication. Then, because of one potential jerk, it is all taken away.

I have met a few of the bakers and consider myself friends with one in particular. He is taking the high road. He feels lucky to have had the experience and his only thoughts are of the victims. He is truly amazing. Clearly, he is handling this much better than I am.

I think anyone who treats another human so disgustingly should be punished to the fullest extent possible. If Johnny Iuzzini is guilty of these crimes, he should be punished! However, I do not think these 10 bakers deserve to have their dream snatched away because of it. I think ABC should put a disclaimer at the beginning of each broadcast and air the remaining shows. Apparently they are going to tell us who won eventually. Well… thanks a yahoo. But I am invested and I want to share their journey. Just knowing who wins isn’t even close to the same.

Although I am only one small person with absolutely zero influence or power, I am going to do whatever I can to help these bakers. Below are their names and social media info. Follow them, like them, tweet them… whatever. Support them. If they live in your city, buy something from them. It will be amazing! Let’s try to spread a little love!

Image 12-1-17 at 9.55 AM
Clockwise starting on the top left: Hector, JC, Fr. Kyle, Nick, Molly, Antoinette, Bryan, Jessie, Cindy, Vallery (Photo from Facebook)

In Alphabetical Order:

Molly Brodak
Twitter: @mollybrodak
Instagram: @kookiehouse

Nick Bryan
Twitter: @NickBryanLA
Instagram: @nickbryan

Hector De Haro
Twitter: @Hector_DeHaro
Instagram: @bigmanlovesfood

JC Gregg
Twitter: @jcinkc3
Instagram: @jcinkc3

Vallery Lomas
Twitter: @FoodieInNewYork
Instagram: @foodieinnewyork

Antoinette Love
Instagram: @antwineantoinette

Cindy Malinak
Instagram: @cookiesanddreams60

Bryan Mckinnon
Instagram: @bakingbryan

Jessie Salzbrun
Twitter: @jess_salz
Instagram: @the_girl_jessie

Fr. Kyle Schnippel
Twitter: @fatherschnippel
Instagram: @frschnippel

4 thoughts on “The Great American Baking Show: Season 3 Cancelled!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m as devastated about the cancellation as you are but I can’t even imagine how the bakers in the show are all feeling!

  2. OMG, thx for posting this!! I could not figure out why nothing was being recorded (for my absolute enjoyment) past the first one on 12-7-2017. Not fair to bakers, audiences, and huge fans such as myself!!! Boo Hoo

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