Get The Most From Your Vanilla Bean

As you probably know by now my husband and I took a trip to France in September of 2016.  One of my favorite days was the day we went to The Cook’s Atelier for their “A Day in Burgundy” cooking class.  We learned so much, met wonderful people and had a simply marvelous day.

In addition to learning how to make several delicious French dishes I also learned how to get the most out of a vanilla bean.  It seems obvious now that I know about it but I was really in awe of this brilliance.

Vanilla Beans are really expensive so it is sometimes difficult to fork over that money.  Now, I won’t ever feel bad again because I feel like there is no waste involved.

Vanilla Bean Steps

  1. Buy your vanilla beans and store them in an airtight, spill-proof container.
  2. Fill said container with vodka. Over time, the vodka will become Vanilla Extract!IMG_3506
  3. When ready to use the beans, remove the pod from the liquid.  Cut in half and use your fingers to squeeze out beans directly whatever deliciousness you are creating.  It is very easy to do since the pod has been softening in the liquid.
  4. After you have used the beans; lay the pod out and let it dry.
  5. Once the pod is dried add it to another airtight container that you have filled with sugar.  Now, you have vanilla sugar!

So, let’s recap because you are getting 3 products from this process:

  1.  You have the pliable, easy to use vanilla beans themselves. No slicing lengthwise and scraping them out with your knife (unless you want to)… just cut and squeeze.
  2. By putting your vanilla beans in vodka you have actually made your own Vanilla Extract.  Awesome!
  3. By putting the dried out pods into a sugar container you have made your own Vanilla Sugar.  Put in your coffee, use for baking, whatever. Fantastic!

Thank you Marjorie for sharing your wisdom!

*It does take several months before the vodka turns to extract but that is ok with me.  I have a back up vanilla extract while I’m waiting.  And it doesn’t mean I can’t use the vanilla beans that are already in there.  I will just continue to add beans to the extract and dried pods to the sugar as I continue to bake.  I’m so excited!






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  1. I am really looking forward to trying this! Really useful tips – thank you so much!

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