A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Ahhh…. The Masters.  I used to detest watching golf on TV.  I did not ever play golf (still don’t) and watching it on television felt like pure torture.  Well, I don’t know how it happened but I have done a complete 180!

Without getting really off track- Tiger Woods won his first green jacket when I was a junior in college and it was exciting; he made golf exciting.  A few years later, I started dating my husband and he LOVES golf.  He was playing every chance he got and it was always on TV, every weekend.  At first (for many years) this was super annoying and then, somehow, I just really started to love watching it.  It is so peaceful and the golf courses are so pretty.  And there is just something extra special about The Masters.

IMG_5140Right before we had kids my husband got a chance to go to Augusta and watch The Masters.  I’m very glad he got the opportunity when he did.  Now, I know I can’t recreate the experience at home but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

One of the most famous things you can eat at Augusta National is the Pimento Cheese Sandwich.  The recipe is top secret but I’ve been trying to find a substitute for the last several years.  I’ve tried a few store bought brands and now I’m trying to make my own.

Pimento Cheese Spread can be very versatile.  Eat it with crackers, as a veggie dip, put it on a tomato (a fried green tomato), or make a grilled cheese out of it.  Lots of options.  But today, we are trying to recreate the simple magic that is The Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich!

Note- I should not have used a mini food processor.  Everything got a little too ground up in my opinion because I tried to shove too much in there. I should have used a regular food processor  or just stirred everything together.

I have never eaten the Augusta version myself so I had to rely on my husband to be the taste tester.  He suggested storing it in wax paper and letting the bread get just a little bit stale for a more authentic taste.  Other than that, he was quite pleased.  I think this is as close as we are going to get!

If you have had the Augusta version, let me know how you think this stacks up.  I love feedback/critiques!

Pimento Cheese SandwichIMG_5143

Makes 3-4 Sandwiches

1¼ c Shredded Extra Sharp Cheddar
1 c Shredded Monterey Jack
½ c Mayo
1 T Cream Cheese, softened
2 oz Pimentos, drained
1 tsp finely minced onions
dash of Black Pepper
dash of Garlic Powder
dash of Cayenne Pepper
White Wonder Bread

Put all ingredients except for the bread in a food processor; process until well combined.
*If you don’t have a food processor stir everything together in a mixing bowl until well combined.

To make the sandwiches, spread some pimento cheese on a piece of bread and top with another slice of bread.
Cut on the diagonal and serve.
Great with some Lay’s Classic Potato Chips and a beer or an Arnold Palmer.

Put any leftover pimento cheese spread in a covered bowl and store in the fridge.


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