Tales of the Cookbook II

I have been bothering my family again.  There are still a ton of recipes I need to test for the cookbook but after these last couple of months I am ALMOST done harassing my relatives. At least I think I am.

I went to Aunt Joy’s house to learn how to make her Candied Sweet Potatoes.  This is another recipe that has never been measured or timed; she just knows when it is right.  They are soooo good.  I never liked sweet potatoes and it was this recipe that helped convert me (this and Sweet Potato fries).  So, we tried to measure and tried to time.  And they were delicious, as always.

After that day of cooking with her, I felt confident enough to cook them for Thanksgiving and they turned out!!! Such a relief.  It took mine about 4 times longer to “candy” than A. Joy’s but I can handle that.  They tasted great and that is all that matters.

Then, I went to my Aunt Clare’s to learn how to make her quiche.  Another wonderful day and I didn’t want to leave her house.  I don’t know why I had a mental block to making quiche.  I make eggs and egg casseroles all the time I just felt like quiche was going to throw me.  I was being ridiculous.  It was so easy and so delicious.  I now have absolutely zero fear of quiche.  Thanks A. Clare!  This was the picture she said I could use…img_3492

She cracks me up!  But, we really did have a great day and ended up making a lot of quiche.

A couple days after Thanksgiving my cousin came over with her daughter.  I love that her daughter loves to cook!  She helped me make a few cookbook recipes that we were going to photograph.  We baked, we mixed, we grilled.  Only problem, we had so much fun cooking and were so hungry by the time we finished making all those recipes that I forgot to take pictures.  We just gobbled everything up.  But we did at least get some pics while we were making things.  It was a great day and my girls LOVED being with their older cousin.  We are going to do it again soon!

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Next, Aunt Carol helped me figure out my nemisis… my Grandma’s Easy One Dish Chicken Dinner.   I have made this two or three times before and it has never been easy for me.  The chicken turns out delicious every time but for some reason I couldn’t get the vegetables to cook right.  A. Carol to the rescue.  I really don’t know how this recipe never worked for me before.  It really is very easy.

And of course, another fantastic day.  I always have to run out the door so I make it in time to pick up my kids from school.  My aunts are lucky I have school-aged children or they wouldn’t be able to get rid of me.

Thanks again to all my friends and family who are helping and supporting me through this journey.  After all, it wouldn’t exist without you.  Aunt Julie and Aunt Kathy… I’m coming for you next!  Then it is just me in the kitchen until I get everything perfect for all of you!

4 thoughts on “Tales of the Cookbook II

  1. I love your posts and hope we can do it again. I will come up with some other recipe we can practice on . Cooking really does bring friends and family together. Also will be trying some of your recipes that look so delicious . Aunt carol

  2. How do I get so excited (and emotional) every time I read your blog? It’s like you’re right here talking to me. I can hear your voice in each of your write ups.
    You are an amazing sister, wife, mommy, and friend! I love all your posts & you inspire me across the miles! Keep up the fantastic work Em!
    Love you & so proud!
    “Your other little sister” :)
    Merry Christmas!

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