Keep Your Mashed Potatoes Warm

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and it might just be my favorite holiday.  No distraction or hype with presents or egg hunts or costumes… just  the beauty of sharing a meal with your loved ones.  It is all about food and family.  As the little tag line under my blog title suggests, these are my two favorite things and they go together perfectly.  Peanut Butter & Jelly, Milk & Cookies, Food & Family.  I know it isn’t a classic combo, but it should be.

This year is the first year I am making Thanksgiving for my family on Thanksgiving Day.  In the past, I have made it the Friday or Saturday after (so we have leftovers) but never on the actual day.  I’m very excited and also anticipating that several things will go wrong.  And that we will eat AT LEAST 30 minutes after I plan to eat.  We shall see what happens…

Anyway, I know there is always the mad rush to get everything on the table while it is still warm.  And, it is hard to enjoy hanging  out with your family/friends if you are trying to mash potatoes, make gravy, carve the turkey and bake rolls all at the last second.  Here is a helpful hint to scratch at least one of those off your “last minute” list.

I think you could keep your potatoes warm like this for up to an hour if not more.  I learned it years ago by watching Tyler Florence’s show “Tyler’s Ultimate” on Food Network.

  1.  Make your mashed potatoes
  2. Put them in a heat proof bowl
  3. Put some water in a pot and simmer.
  4. Put the bowl of potatoes on top of the pot of water, creating a double-boiler.  Be sure bottom of the bowl is not touching the water underneath.
  5. Pour a little milk on the potatoes and drop a healthy pat of butter in the middle.
  6. Fold up a kitchen towel and cover potatoes.  BE SURE YOU DO NOT HAVE IT HANGING OVER THE SIDES.  You don’t want to become one of the “We had to call the Fire Department on Thanksgiving” statistics.img_5499
  7. Keep the burner on low and your potatoes will stay warm until you are ready.
  8. When ready to serve, use potholders to take the bowl off and stir up the potatoes.
  9. Transfer your potatoes into your serving dish and you are ready to go!

Oh, and have someone else carve the turkey.  That’s 2 things you can cross off your list.

Mangia! Mangia!

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