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The Perfect Steak

Steak, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Seriously, steak is the best.  It is so easy to make, so quick, so delicious and seems fancy even if it isn’t. You can also really stretch a steak to feed a lot of people.  Cut it in strips and everyone just take a few slices.  Have leftovers? Make quesadillas, steak salad, steak sandwiches, steak and eggs…  I think it is just the perfect food, so simple and so versatile.

I realize I am talking about how easy this is and it looks like a lot of instructions below.  That isn’t the steak’s fault, it’s my fault.  I’m verbose.  I give too many instructions because I want you to understand why you are doing something and I want you to have all the information you might need to make a successful meal.  So don’t shy away just because I don’t have an editor.  Go for it!

This isn’t really a recipe so much as a method.  It will work for a variety of cuts (and a variety of meats actually) but I tend to lean towards strips or ribeyes.  They are my favorite.  So, lets get ready to grill (or broil, or sear in a cast iron skillet… again… such an accommodating food).

You will notice, there aren’t any measurements.  They all depend on both the size of your steak and your personal taste.  Just go with sprinkling and drizzling and it will be great!  

The Perfect SteakIMG_0181

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Garlic Powder

Pull your steak out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature.  This isn’t a necessity especially if you like your steak rare to medium rare (the best way)  but I have my timing down when the steak is at room temperature so I am sticking with it.

You can season your steak right when you take it out of the fridge or right before you throw it on the grill, it is up to you.  Sometimes I season it in the morning then throw it on the counter about 45 minutes before I want to start cooking.  Whatever fits best with your schedule is fine here.

So, to season, drizzle the steak with a bit of olive oil and rub it all over.  Season both sides with salt, pepper and garlic powder (I use a lot of garlic powder, I’m Italian).  Then kind of dredge the edges of the steak in the seasonings left on your work surface so they get flavored too.

Have a hot grill ready to go.  This was a very thick ribeye, over an inch for sure.  I like my steak rare to medium-rare.  For a super thick steak on a hot grill I cooked it for about 9 minutes total, flipping halfway through (and I keep the lid to the grill closed).

One big mistake I think people make when grilling, they want to keep moving and flipping their meat all the time.  Not necessary at all here!  Put it on there, don’t touch it and only flip it one time!  If you flip it too early it is going to stick to the grill.  Let it get those grill marks and it will flip no problem.  After you have cooked it to your liking pull it off the grill.

Most importantly LET YOUR MEAT REST.  Put it on a cutting board and cover it with a piece of foil for about 10 minutes.  If you have heard of “carry-over cooking,” that is what is happening here.  The steak will continue to cook while resting (the internal temp will rise about another 10 degrees) and the juices will redistribute into the meat.  If you were to slice into it right away, all the juice will come pouring out and your steak will be dry.  Nobody wants that.  You want juicy bites of meat, not an overflowing cutting board.

Congratulations you have a perfect, delicious steak! Now grab a glass of wine and …

Mangia! Mangia!





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