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Chocolate Ganache

8 oz semi-sweet Chocolate Chips (about 1 1/3 cups)
3/4 c Heavy Whipping Cream
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Optional Ingredients:
1 tsp Liqueur (such a Grand Marnier)
1 T Butter (for extra shine)
1 1/2 tsp Brewed Coffee (to enhance the chocolate flavor)

Heat chocolate chips and cream in a double boiler until smooth. Add the vanilla at the very end, off the heat. The more you stir, the shinier it will be.

Pour warm liquid over cake, or dip cupcakes to cover


*If covering a cake that is to be refrigerated, make sure the cake is cold before covering with the ganache. This will ensure that the ganache does not dull when stored in the refrigerator.

*If cooled to room temperature ganache becomes a spreadable filling and frosting. Refrigerated ganache can be whipped for fillings and frostings or formed into truffles.

One thought on “Chocolate Ganache

  1. I made this ganache to top my store bought cake mix – it looks (and tastes) extra special! My guests thought I slaved all day – thank you so much! I’ll use for company every time since so successful and easy! These are the types of recipes I need with two small kids – makes people think “she’s still got it” – even though I have half the time!


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